Garissa Teachers Win Battle with TSC

Non-local teachers in Garissa have won a long drawn battle pitting them against the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).

In a surprise ruling Monday, February, 3, TSC decided to transfer all non-local teachers from Garissa County schools.

Police officers take cover during the Garissa University attack in 2015. PHOTO: Courtesy

Hundreds of non-local teachers in Garissa have been making their way out of the terror-prone County after some three teachers were killed in January.

Garissa County Director of Education Isaac Khalif had in January told members of the press that no teacher would be transferred from outside of Garissa County.

In his statement, Khalif stated that the teachers demanding a transfer had signed a contract with the TSC to serve in Garissa County for between three to five years and that they had to honour the agreement.

After the January attack, Khalif ordered the transfer of non-local teachers from Fafi, Holugho, Ijara and Daadab sub-counties to safer zones in Garissa, Lagdera and Balambala.

However, the teachers complained of being ‘walking targets’ and demanded the immediate issuance of transfer notices, which TSC declined at the time.

The decision by TSC to transfer all non-local teachers in the County comes as a reprieve for hundreds of teachers who have been working in fear of frequent Al Shabaab attacks.


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