Ruto Allied Governor and Senator Almost Exchange Blows at a Night Fundraiser (Video)

Drama ensued at a night fundraiser after Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok and Senator Christopher Langat confronted each other.

In a video seen by this writer, the two leaders faced off after an argument erupted during the function.

A huge crowd had surrounded the leaders as the chaos raged on.

Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok

Reports indicated that Barchok and Langat disagreed after the governor was taunted to be a failure.

Further information revealed that Langat had pointed out that the governor had neglected to unite the leaders of the area.

Langat continued to hurl accusations at the county boss before the latter had enough.

Bomet Senator Christopher Langat during a past public presser

Additional details proclaimed that the governor stood from his seat and went to where the senator stood.

A tussle between the two rift leaders followed after Barchock grabbed the microphone from Langat.

The situation turned ugly to the point the two were being separated from landing punches at each other by Bomet East MP Beatrice Kones.

The angry Bomet governor in the midst of the fracas gave his donation and left.

The event was later abandoned.

This is the second time Barchok and Langat have been on opposite sides.

In October 2019, the county boss cautioned the vocal senator over inciting the public.

According to Barchok, Langat had incited the residents of the area over shortage of medicine.

The government commented that the lawmaker was out of order considering he knew the situation the county was facing.

The predecessor to Laboso expressed that the area had been facing a financial shortage in a span of three months that led to the crisis.

The tough-talking Barchok remarked that Langat was an opportunist and sought to use the situation for political enrichment.

“It is in the public knowledge that the shortage of drugs was as a result of differences between the Senate and the National Assembly over budget” pronounced the governor.

Bomet County Governor Hillary Barchok during a past media briefing

He added that if the senator wanted to end their friendship, he should have sought a better way of doing it.

“The senator should attack me instead of my officers…I am ready to break ranks with him if that is what he wants,” stated Barchok.

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