Help! I’m In Love With My Sponsor Who is Married – Kenyan Woman Cries Out

A Kenyan woman has opened up about her love for her sponsor who is a married man.

The sponsor phenomenon has hit Kenya like the locust plague, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon. It has broken marriages and families around the country.

Most people don’t really know what sponsor relationships are like but this lady has revealed some details.

Read the lady’s confession below:

Hi moms niko na issue apa najua mtanijudge lakini ni sawa.

So have been dating this sponsor for 1 year now. Ako na two kids na ako well off. Tukimeet he’s not so much into sex alfu he’s always a busy man juu tunaeza kaa for almost 2 months bila kuonana but nikiwa na shida yeye ukua ready kunihelp.

My issue here is this guy has always been there for me no matter what and am already in love with him. Nimejaribu kucontrol feelings zangu kwake but nimeshindwa of which niko sure awezi nioa but sijui nitafanya nini niache kumpenda juu am sure it sounds foolish falling in love with a married man.

What can I do niache kumpenda aki yet he’s always there for me. Note, am 24 na sina boyfriend he’s all I got though am not sure whether he loves me the same way.

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