Hii ni Urafiki Pekee Kweli? Jacque Maribe shares an Intimate Photo with Dennis Itumbi

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Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe have always confused us with their friendship.

Miss Maribe has been off social media after the Late Monica’s suicide saga and her lover Jowie was the main suspect of the murder.

Currently, the former Citizen TV news anchor is trying to trace her footsteps to the top and heal. The mother of one started doing club appearances where she organises a ‘Meet and greets‘ or performs on open mic or karaoke.

She has been posting what she is up to and also disclosed she is doing club appearances.

Today, Miss Maribe decided to surprise us with another intimate photo which featured Dennis Itumbi. Fans have been questioning if they are really platonic buddies after the romantic pictures they share. In the photo, Maribe is seen pouting and blowing kisses while Dennis Itumbi held her hand and back.

“Friendship is, and always will be us @dennisitumbi for rain, for shine, for getting through it all together,” Maribe captioned on the photo.

Here are some of the reactions;

tifanymukami: Confuse them mama😁😁😁

ochiengbora: Na jowie? 😢😢

catmina8: Na Eric omondi 🙄hahaha

mamanyaguthii: I love this. Friends should always be there for one another.

bill_constantt: You said the same with Jowie…ona sasa. Friendship is situational.

drmwendwa: Clearly he has never hit. Deep in the friend zone.

dennis_kyallo_esq: The nice-friend-zone-buddy 😅

felixokemwa: Stop confusing the online in-laws

gabienons:Kip dat spirit

ndungu.t: Niuratutukania muno….sisters was shosho media wanataka kujua brother in-law..

Do you think they are dating?


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