Outrage After Politician Promises Man a Matatu but Delivers Mkokoteni Instead

Gathoni wa Muchomba and Gatundu GNT Tout Photo: Courtesy

Kiambu women representative Gathoni wa Muchomba has come under intense criticism over an unfulfilled promise of a Nissan to a tout after his kind act.

A tweeter user @jokeskona was quick to point out that Wamucomba did not keep her word, instead of gifting the tout a Nissan she gave a mkokoteni (Hand cart) instead.

Gathoni joins a long list of politicians who have been asked to escape the lyrical line they are used to of “I will” and transition to “I have done”. Kenyans have overtime requested for action and not empty promises.

What exactly happened for Gathoni to give such prestigious promise?

In November 2019, a Gatundu South matatu driver and his tout became instant celebrities after helping out a woman and her grandchild during their time of need.

When the story was first shared online, Kenyans asked for the tout’s number so they could send a token of appreciation.

The driver and the tout were praised for carrying a little boy to an examination room at Neema hospital and stayed for a while as they waited for a doctor to arrive.

It was through the numerous sharing on social media that Gathoni went on air promising the tout a Nissan for their act of kindness.

Gatundu GNT tout Photo: Facebook
After keen observation, it has now become a habit of politicians not keeping their word and Kenyans are not happy with it. Here were some reactions:

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