Johnson Mwakazi and 4 Other Celebrities Who were Addicted to Chronic Masturbation

Johnson Mwakazi Photo: Courtesy

Masturbation has now become a regular and discussable topic and many Kenyans have confessed that somewhere in their life, they were Porn addicts, but they have reformed.

You’ve probably read a number of posts that told you that there is nothing wrong with jerking off. In fact, most people will tell you that you stand to gain more from engaging in the act than not.

The truth remains that as ‘harmless’ as it seems, masturbation has the tendency to expose you to serious dangers, both physically and emotionally.

Here are Kenyan celebrities who confessed to being addicted to masturbation:

Johnson Mwakazi

Known for his powerful vocals, former Citizen TV journalist Johnson Mwakazi confessed of being addicted to pornography and masturbation for years.

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Johnson Mwakazi Photo: Courtesy

Mwakazi confessed that he however recovered from the situation which he had battled for years.

“I remember when I was 14, somebody introduced me to pornography and that whole sequence began of desiring a feeling of pursuing something that you really never get to satisfy,” confessed Mwakazi.

Collo Majale

Another Kenyan whose confession took many by surprise is former Kleptomaniac member, Collo alias Collins Majale. According to him, not only was it something that he struggled with for years but he deeply regretted.

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Collins Majale Photo: Courtesy

Speaking during an interview with Radio Maisha Collo said,

‘My biggest regret is masturbation, People are really getting lost in it. There is no way you can become addicted to masturbation without being addicted to pornography.’

Robert Burale

Stylish Nairobi pastor Robert Burale at one time confessed to being a Pornography addict. Burale’s confession came as a way of helping those who were going through the same situation.

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Robert Burale Photo: Courtesy

“I was in my fifth year of addiction, having started out in the United Kingdom while studying for my degree in business management at Demontfort University,” he admitted.


Legendary Kenyan artist trapee signed by Ogopa Deejays opened up on being a pornography and masturbation addict, but his girlfriend was helping him get over the bad habit.

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Trapee Photo: Courtesy

“I have been addicted to pornographic films for the last 15 years. Right now, my girlfriend is helping me get out of the addiction. A friend of mine has also been counselling me,” said Trapee.

Frederick Muitiriri

During an interview at Radio Maisha morning show, Frederick Muitiriri, a Citizen Reporter shared how he was a former pornography and masturbation addict for about 15 years.

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According to him, sharing this information to the public could help those who are going through the same problem.

“I’m a former pornography and masturbation addict, close to 15 years! I said it! Yeah! This goes out to all addicts, it’s possible! One day at a time, trusting in Jesus,” Frederick Muitiriri wrote.

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