Bonfire Adventure Owners’ Suicide Message After Exposing Slay Queen Leaves Fans Worried

The Bonfire Adventures owners (Ebru TV)

Bonfire Adventure’s Managing Director Sarah Kabu became the topic of discussion last week after exposing a slay queen who wanted to snatch her husband from her.

Earlier on, she had intimated in an interview on Radio Jambo that slay queens have been making their moves on her husband and given that she has access to his phone, she sees all the private chats.

She revealed that since she got a Range Rover from her husband, women have been all up in his grill.

“After getting the Range Rover, so kila Slay queen akimuona siku hizi pia mimi nataka hta ka Vitz. Hata nilikuwa nasikia walikuwa wanaulizana kwa Internet ati nampea design gani mpka nipewe Range Rover. We receive a lot of DM’s especially in his account coz we both have logins of each other’s account. By the way that is what I advise couples if someone is hiding his passwords, take it as red alert. So, like new year I was running his account, then a slay queen sends a message like; Happy new year Simon Kabu, this year my goal is to go out with you, please make it happen,” Sarah Kabu told Massawe Jappani told Radio Jambo.

The Kabus (Courtesy)

These revelations have unfortunately made her a target for cyberbullies and a topic in gossip groups where unpalatable things have been said.

These factors have affected Sarah so much that she revealed that she understands now why people commit suicide due to cyberbullying.

“Wah I didn’t know people can commit suicide via cyberbullying… this week I will give my own experience of being cyberbullied,” she said leaving her fans worried.

Her worried followers then came forward to comfort her as she was going through this tough phase.

Check out some of the comments:

Loymburia: Ni wivu tu & Sarah 🤔 keep doing what your doing, hata Kenya wakikuchukia believe you me you are loved abroad 😍. They go low when you go high💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

njoks_njoks: Continue being strong 💪 gal !!! ❤️

irungulydia14: Keyboard warriors behind Pseudos are the worst

mollymwangi: My best advice is if you don’t know them personally don’t take it personally. We live in a generation where people want to live off others. People are just jealous and angry. They don’t want to put in the work but want to enjoy. People who are insecure and they unleash their anger on people they don’t know. Keep doing you Sarah. ❤️

Stephaniestephjohnson: It’s well Sarah

chege.suzzie: It is the worst experience one can have on this universe…..we need to pray and love one another

francistisoo: @sarahkabu People are probably not happy with their lives if they’re busy discussing yours. Haters will always hate

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