Raila Odinga Reveals his Net Worth

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Sunday evening was challenged to declare his wealth in an exclusive interview on NTV.

The question on Raila’s net worth was lingering in the minds of Kenyans moments before the much-awaited interview.

On the exclusive interview, Odinga revealed that his net worth equals to about 2 Billion Kenyan shillings.

Raila Odinga speaking to NTV

They are saying that Raila Odinga is so rich, very rich, which is not true. I am worth only 2 billion shillings in terms of properties.

ODM party leader said that the 2 billion is from properties and also shares he owns in some companies.

He went ahead to reveal that his Karen home costs around 300 Million shillings.

The ODM boss was challenged to revealing his wealth just days after a similar question was possed to Deputy President William Ruto.

During an interview on NTV last Thursday, Ruto claimed that he was the only politician who was asked about his net worth.

The Deputy president dodged the wealth question saying that it is only asked because people think he is corrupt.

It is because of this that Kenyans dared NTV consulting editor Joseph Warungu to ask Raila about his net worth and not only target the DP on the issue.

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