I’m a Pastor Who Doesn’t Believe in God- Man Confesses

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A ‘man of God’ has come clean about his ways and revealed that he does not believe in God although he agrees with some biblical principles.

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Here I sit on another Sunday morning. I love the people I minister to. I believe that there are some really good principles in the Bible (and some really awful ones!) so I feel ok about the message of love and hope that I get to deliver.

I push back against the hate and homophobia and judgmental nature of so much Contemporary Christianity. But I don’t believe the underlying myth, and I have to pretend that I do.

Overall, I believe I’m doing more good than harm, but there’s a dishonesty at the center of it that I have to try to ignore.

I’m not economically dependent on ministry work. I work outside the church and do my ministry work on a voluntary basis. I used to get a (very) small stipend but gave it up a few years ago when I no longer needed it.

I wonder all the time whether I am lying, or just withholding (or whether that’s a BS distinction.) I strive only to say what I believe, but it’s a stretch. When I say God is Love, I really mean Love is God – the highest power. Certainly not Christian orthodoxy.

I try hard to teach only what I believe – Love, grace, care for others, etc. There are not many other forums where I could deliver that message in the same way. Not an excuse, just a fact.

I appreciate the concern of those who feel I’m defiling the faith. I disagree, but humbly. They may be right. I would hate to hurt those who have trusted me.


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