Murkomen Reveals Ruto’s Deputy Prime Minister Come 2022

Senate Assembly Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Wednesday hinted that Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi will be one the powerful people running the DP William Ruto’s government.

While reacting to a question posed by KTN’s Point-blank show host Tony Gachoka, Murkomen said that the city lawyer will be the Deputy Prime Minister in Ruto’s government.

FILE: Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen.

However, according to the Lawyer, who responded to the question posed at him, he is not yet set on who to stand within in the 2022 General Elections.

Ahmednasir said he is still waiting for the guidance of President Uhuru, his Deputy and the Jubilee party.

“Let me repeat again and again and again & for the benefit of @TonyGachoka & the crew..that in so far as 2022 is concerned I haven’t endorsed DP Ruto, I’m not opposed to Baba or any candidate. As a loyal member of Jubilee I’m waiting for guidance from H.E Uhuru, Hon Ruto & Jubilee..,” tweeted the Lawyer.

The engagement between the three come in the wake of calls to amend the constitution to create the position of a powerful Prime Minister with two deputies.

Leaders allied to President Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga have been seeking to amend the constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative.

Apparently the comment by Murkomen is an oxymoron considering that he has before expressed reservation on any changes to the constitution saying the amendments are unnecessary and a waste of resources.

The city lawyer, who is an ardent supporter of the Jubilee party has been on the forefront in defending the Jubilee government.

On Thursday, he carried out an unofficial survey on the presidential poll where he announced the DP as a runaway winner.

“The poll closed. Take away….(1) 34520 Kenyans voted. (2) Kenyans are extremely thankful to H.E Uhuru for ten yrs he served. (3) Dp Ruto is a runaway favourite and wins in the first round with 53.3% (4) Raila finishes distant 2nd with 34.1%,” announce the lawyer.

But even as the poll included the ODM leader Raila Odinga, the former prime minister is yet to declare interest in the 2022 polls.


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