Wanatesa Tu! Meet Kenyan Male Celebrities With Killer Smiles (Photos)

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Sean Andrew Photo: Courtesy

Kenyan men are just driving us crazy! Every day, new hot eye candy celebrities pop up and it just leaves us women more and more confused.

There are many traits that qualify for a man to be deemed handsome and smile is one of those.

A man who smiles would easily charm hearts more than one who doesn’t. Smiling has a lot of good qualities, and a man who smiles would easily gain ladies attention.

Smiles are warm, they calm nerves, it makes everyone feel at ease and it’s friendly.

Below are photos of Kenyan male celebrities with killer smiles:

Kagwe Mungai

Kenya’s songwriter cum producer has been known to sweep ladies off their feet. He serves looks and guess what else gets his way with ladies, his smile.

Alvin Kabogo

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo’s son is one of the most popular politician’s sons in Kenya. He is definitely is no exemption when it comes to winning most ladies over. Maybe it comes with his flamboyant lifestyle.

 Benzema David (Ochungulo)

Ochungulo family artist Alejandro-Benzema David popularly known as chief inspector is another celebrity who has ladies screaming every time they hear his name. Could be in his voice but he has a killer smile too.


Mwai Kibaki Junior

Not much is known about Kibaki Junior but his smile is breathtaking to say the least.

Nick Mutuma

Nick doesn’t need much of an introduction, especially among the ladies! We have been ogling him for the longest time now.

Sean Andrew

Well ladies, where do even start? Sean another of the Kibaki’s blood has been serving goals for a while. Do even need to say more? I guess not…

Mark Masai

Popular TV personality Mark Masai has been described by many of his fans as professional and good looking. His smile too is a killer!

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