(Video) Mixed Reactions After Boniface Mwangi Blocked VIP’s Convoy


Activist Boniface Mwangi has yet again found himself on the lips of many after he blocked a VIP ‘s convey being driven on the wrong side of the road.

In a video shared by Mwangi on Twitter, the vehicle was driven against on-coming traffic in a convoy of four including a police escort when the activist intervened.

Mwangi bravely stopped his vehicle on the VIP’s path, unmoved by the efforts of a bodyguard asking him to move.

“One person, an employee of the taxpayers in a convoy of 4 cars decided to use the wrong side of the road. It’s arrogance, endangering lives and breaking the law.I block anyone on the wrong side, the law is clear on the use of sirens, it doesn’t say “clearing traffic” EMERGENCY ONLY!,” he wrote.
However, his action has attracted mixed reactions among netizens.
On user who is in support said, “Salute to Boniface. This is a bold statement. But also remember it is an offense to defy lawful instructions from a police officer. It is in the traffic code”.
While another one added, “What Boniface did was the right thing by traffic laws in KE. What you’re alluding is simply the Kenyan corrupt Government system may harm him for going against them so to speak,”
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Another user who feels like it’s a publicity stun said,“Stop misleading people, you know so well that after pulling such a stunt, incase of your arrest, your donors will pay for your bail no matter the amount and get you a lawyer, what of an ordinary Kenyan with a car on loan, mortgage, and fees to pay? You also want him to do this?,”
While another said,“You seem to have missed basic driving lessons – that there are circumstance when you MUST give way to vehicles even when you are on the right side. One such situation is when one side of the road is blocked or if you are directed by the police”.

Here are some of the comments.




Watch Boniface’s video


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