(Video)Pastor Ng’ang’a Lastest Dance Move Causes Stir Online

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Controversial Neno Evangelism Ministry Founder Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’aย  has yet again found himself on the lips of many but this time around, Kenyans are impressed with him.

This is after a video of him with his congregants dancing energetically during Church service went viral.

In the video, Pastor Ng’ang’a, who was at the pulpit, is seen jumping side by side with one leg up, doing kick backs while his congregants follow suit.

Some Kenyans have acknowledged that he is a great dancer and that it’s fun attending his church that’s why his congregants never ditched him despite his controversies.

While others think he is a better performing artist and hype man than most Kenyan artists.
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Some even want to join his church, Saida Makia ,..How much is the registration fee to this church? I wanna be a member

Martin Mato said, Church ya nganga pia ni fun naeza kuwa nikienda kama comedy show lakini si na matumaini ya kuingia binguni while Njeri Muthoni added, This is good ,you loose weight every sunday.

However, Kenyans will just be Kenyans,someone just edited the original version making him the best performing artist.

Here are some of the comments.

Adiona Irene …..But the dance is enjoyable why lie. Kwanza hapo kwa “piga yeye taaa taa!taa!”
Tabbbie Jay ………..Amekuja kufanya exercise Kanisani
ย Narumbi Eric…….. This is good, why lie,,, praising God n shedding off some calories at the same time
Boby Wine…….That is a wonderful dance
Lucy Dave…….The dance moves so hilariously, fun and enjoyable
Joy Makini……….I love how he’s dancing

Chepto Chepto…….Hii gym ni ya firiiii kabisa ukitoka hapa uko fitii

Here is the full video ofย  Pastor Ng’ang’a latest dance move

Pastor NG'ANG'A hupea kondoo yake nyasi gani??

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