Do’s and Don’ts a Month Before Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, depending on your point of view, Valentine’s Day is either the most romantic day of the year or yet another normal day.

However, for those who view it as a  romantic day, it can be difficult for both genders, whether you’re in a relationship or not.


DO have realistic expectations

If you’re in a relationship, do have realistic expectations about what you will receive or how you will celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is important to discuss your expectations and plans for Valentine’s Day, so no one is left disappointed.

DO agree on how to celebrate.

Do compromise with your partner about how to celebrate early in advance.

Find something you can both feel comfortable doing as a way to celebrate the day. If you think it’s going to be a big deal or you have big expectations then you need to talk about it, your partner can’t read your mind.

Planning finances is very important, if you do decide to visit places or opt to stay home with your sweetie for a romantic evening it will not run your pockets dry.

Do consider different options

What’s more romantic than trying something new and unique activity that you wouldn’t do on any other day of the year?

Figure out that one unique thing you and your partner can do.

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Don’t get into a new relationship

If you are single, never ever get into a  relationship a month before Valentine’s day, because the chances of that relationship to end are very high.

 Don’t talk about your Ex.

One of the surest ways to spoil a Valentine’s Day plan is to have your partner think you are thinking about their past relationship.

Don’t talk about your former lover keep the conversation focused on your partner and life will be better.

Don’t  break up with your partner

Breakups are normal but try as much as you can to avoid arguments that may lead to breaking up. If you part ways with your lover, you will be lonely on that romantic day.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations. 

While your partner wants to be pampered, you also have to understand that her day is filled with many demands kids, work, house, and more. Make sure you go the extra mile but keep your expectations realistic and in check.

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