Angry Woman Dares Uhuru, Raila Over Ruto’s Mistreatment (Video)

An angry woman has dared President Uhuru Kenyatta together with ODM party leader Raila Odinga over alleged mistreatment of Deputy President William Ruto.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta sharing light moments with Raila Odinga in a past event. Photo/File

In a Facebook video that has since gone viral, the woman, in the company of others, wondered why the two leaders were busy ‘dividing’ the country through the BBI campaigns when nearly all Kenyans had accepted the report.

The woman added that Kenyans were currently busy trying to make their ends meet and had no time for the BBI campaigns.

“If President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently idle, he should consider coming to the ground to help in getting rid of the locusts or just sleep in Nairobi instead of taking us round in circles through the BBI,” remarked the woman emotionally.

While reminding Uhuru that it was their votes that placed him in State House, the woman strongly warned against the two leaders, (Uhuru and Raila) ‘inciting’ and dividing the country through the BBI.

She also warned Uhuru against ‘intimidating’ his deputy, painting him as a thieve adding that it was through Ruto that Uhuru got their votes.

Message to Uhuru and Raila from this mama, "Kama mumekoza kazi, kujeni mshike locusts."

Posted by Lemiso Sato Emmanuel on Monday, 20 January 2020

“If Ruto is a thieve, then we are all thieves because we are the ones who elevated you to that seat. You should leave the Rift Valley region alone and cease calling Ruto a thief! You should respect Ruto,” added the lady.

She also took swipes at Raila Odinga reminding him that Ruto is Kenya’s Deputy President and deserves respect.

The fire-breathing woman warned that they were going to kick Raila out of government after he allegedly infiltrated himself in through the back door.

“This is a new year and we are no longer going to tolerate any nonsense. The two leaders should sober up and serve the nation,” she added.

The working relationship between William Ruto and his boss seemed to have gone from bad to worse just after the March 2018 handshake between the president and Raila Odinga.

The president’s allies have been accusing Ruto of defying Uhuru’s orders by starting early 2022 campaigns instead of helping his boss fulfil Jubilee’s big four agenda.

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