I Slept With My Brother-In-Law and 3 Other Men in One Night- Woman Whispers

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A city woman has narrated how she slept with four men in one night during her husband’s birthday.

Check out her confession.

I was having an affair with my brother in law (husband of my sister) for quite a number of years.

My husband knew that I was unfaithful but he did not know who was my lover. To be honest sex with my brother in law was intense and passionate. It was hard to conceal the marks and love bites on my body.

For my hubby’s birthday, we decided to go clubbing with him and his friends. My brother in law being jealous I decided to ask him to join us later that night.

There were heavy drinking and we ended the night at my place. When I realized that he has passed out. I signaled discreetly my brother in law to join me in the bedroom. Like always it was bestial sex.

I was bareback on the bed and he was frantically pounding me when all a sudden the door opened. I was shocked and was trying to ran away thinking it was my husband. But his strong arm held back. It was the three dudes. I don’t know what happened to me I was relieved and yet I was supposed to do something.

My brother in law said something to my ears and with all that alcohol I held still. I saw the three of them starting to undress. I turned towards my in law. He smiled back while continuing his deed.

I had sex with 4 men in my bed that night. I still cannot translate my feelings of that night.

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