Sonko Finally Responds to Deadly Kasarani Protests

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has shed a ray of hope on the fate of the Kasarani-Mwiki road, whose pathetic status led to a biting matatu strike, which is now in its fourth day, alongside violent protests.

One person was Wednesday confirmed dead after police resorted to using live ammunition on fiery demonstrators, who had threatened to shut down the entire Thika Superhighway, until their cry for government intervention was heard.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Sonko indicated that a Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) contractor was working on the dilapidated road.

He implored the irate residents and motorists to accord the said contractor their cooperation, so that the fresh construction of the road could be expedited.

According to the county head, who is currently locked out of office due to an ongoing graft probe, the upcoming road would feature public walkways, pedestrian crossing facilities, proper matatu stages, and a revamped drainage system.

Sonko is the first government official to respond to the tense situation within the Mercy Gakuya-led constituency since Monday.

The current state of the Kasarani-Mwiki road

Commuters living in various estates between Mwiki and Kasarani have, for the past four days, had to seek alternative means of transportation to their workplaces, such as motorbikes and taxis.

Those unable to afford the exorbitant fares charged by the opportunistic motorcyclists and cab drivers have been walking dozens of kilometers, just to get to the main highway, so as to access matatus plying other surrounding routes.

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