Living Large! Did Kate Actress Spend Kshs117, 000 on a Baby Stroller? (Photos)

Did Kate Actress Spend Kshs117, 000 on a Baby Stroller? (Instagram)

Phil Karanja recently gifted his wife Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress with a brand-new BMW as a ‘push gift’.

As it turns out, Kate is not the only one rolling in a flashy ride this year as her one-month-old baby is rolling in one of the most luxurious baby strollers, The Hot Mom stroller.

The stroller can go up to Sh117, 000 when shipped from Amazon. It costs Sh46, 380 to buy it and the price skyrockets due to the international Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Kenya of Sh70,335.

The Hot Mom Stroller (Courtesy)

The price can, however, change if bought locally with the Aqua Baby shop selling it at Sh65,000 while in other outlets it can go up to Sh80,000.

According to the product’s description, for the buying price of at least Sh46, 380, you get to enjoy a ‘refined and smooth ride with anti-shock swivelling front wheels and lockable rear wheels’ and ‘one step brake and hand folding operation’. In addition, your baby is safe thanks to a 5-point harness. Also, the stroller can be converted into a seat for toddlers from a newborn carrycot.

Highest-paid Actress

Some may wonder how Kate and Phil can afford the kind of things they enjoy but they are some of the highest-paid couples in the Kenyan film industry with Kate being the highest-paid actress.

This was revealed when she addressed a question on Buzz Magazine on whether she is expensive to cast given her impressive portfolio.

“…I would say I am a bankable actress and for that, I don’t take less. I want to keep being the most paid actress in the country,” Catherine said.

Catherine believes that the reason she makes so much in an industry many feel is dead is because of how she has packaged herself as a brand. “My sweat equals my price tag. I honestly think I am the highest-paid actress at the moment in the country, and this trickles down to how I have been able to package my brand,” she said.

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