I Walked In On My Husband Cheating – City Woman Confesses

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A city woman has taken to social media to express herself after she caught her husband cheating.

Check out her confession

I just walked in on my husband cheating on me. We’ve been together for 10 years since I was 17. Married for almost 2, with 3 beautiful babies together. My heart in a million pieces right now. It was with “my best friend” 😭😭😭😭😭 it was at 2am and I’m literally at a loss.

 They don’t know I caught them. I was sleeping and woke up and heard them in the living room messing around so I peaked on the baby monitor that I’m pretty sure they forgot about.

 I’m going to try and sleep and tell myself it didn’t happen/isn’t happening until tomorrow when I can get my babies and get out of here while he’s working.

I am so afraid him or his family might take the children from me. The baby monitor records so I have proof.

What would you advise her?

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