How William Ruto Swindled Cyrus Jirongo Out of Ksh1 Million

Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo Wednesday shredded Deputy President William Ruto into pieces, making a flurry of damning allegations against the deputy head of state.

Among the controversial remarks that Jirongo made against Ruto, while appearing on KTN’s Point Blank segment, was that Ruto, alias ‘hustler’, is a serial con man, who swindled him out of over Ksh1 million back in the nineties.

According to the former legislator, he had awarded the 2022 presidential aspirant a contract for supplying 10,000 t-shirts shortly after the 1992 General Election.

Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo

Jirongo revealed that Ruto had approached him desperately but after clinching the tender, went ahead to collude with his office storekeepers to deliver just 1000 t-shirts at a cost of Ksh.1.2 million.

“He did not supply the 10,000, instead, he brought 1000 t-shirts and repeatedly delivered the same t-shirts 10 times,” an irate Jirongo said.

At the time, one t-shirt was selling at about Ksh120, so Ruto’s 1000 t-shirts should have earned him Ksh120,000.

”I paid him Ksh1.2 million instead of paying for 1000 t-shirts which would have cost Ksh. 120,000,” he told host Tony Gachoka, who is an avid critic of the DP.

This, the former 2017 presidential candidate said, is why he has since kept a distance from Ruto, since the YK92 fallout, after retired president Daniel Moi won the 1992 election.

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