Court Allows Tob Cohen’s Widow Sarah Warimu Access to Her Home to Collect Alcohol

A Nairobi court has finally allowed slain Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen’s widow, Sarah Wairimu, access to her home to collect her personal items.

The items Wairimu intends to collect are alcohol, electronics, clothes, shoes, handbags and grooming tools.

Wairimu has, however, only been allowed to collect her belongings from the matrimonial home under DCI supervision.

Wairimu, through her lawyer Philip Murgor, had last year told the court that she cannot understand why the prosecution wants to keep her house, which is not part of the evidence.

Mr Murgor said that Wairimu needed clothes, shoes and a car parked outside the house that has been cordoned off as a crime scene.

He added that unless the police have other motives with the house, it should be released back to Wairimu who is the owner.

She wanted the court to allow her access to her home in Nairobi so that she can collect among other items, her dogs and some alcohol.

Wairimu is out on bail, but the court ordered her not to access the home as it is still a crime scene.

Her slain husband Tob Cohen’s body was recovered in a septic tank at the cordoned home.

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