Reasons Why Every Kenyan Lady Needs To Own a Wig This 2020

If you have been dealing with hair challenges in 2019, there is room for change this year.

To keep your hair back on the check, you need to consider purchasing a wig. But before buying it, you need to know they come in different types; lace front ( are designed so the scalp shows through the fine lace which disappears once it is against the skin, creating a natural hairline), monofilament (are the most breathable and natural-looking wigs), human hair(it looks more natural and the hair can be coloured and styled), semi-human hair ( it looks natural but it’s not) and synthetic ( it does not look natural).

Wigs come at different prices and it’s advisable to buy what you can afford. If you cannot afford a certain wig, simply save for it.

Here is why you need to wear a wig;

1. It hides your struggling hairline. Most wigs come with a hairline and you can be able to style the edges.

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2. You can try different hairstyles with no pressure. Most of the wigs have been designed in a way you can experiment hairdos like a bun, up-do, push back or pigtails. It’s up to you to decide what suits best.

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3. It keeps your hair healthy.  Wearing a wig makes your hair longer and prevents it from any breakage. This is because there is no heating or application of hair dyes. With this, your hair grows naturally and its quality becomes better.

Once you remove your wig, always remember to oil it to avoid a dry scalp. Oil it once a week.

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4. It saves a lot of time. You do not need to stay for 30 minutes styling it. This is because you just style it. It does not need regular oiling and washing. Besides that, wigs come in a style which can last for almost 2 weeks without changing it.

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Go get your wig and stun in these Nairobi streets.

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