I Have Slept With 104 Nairobi Ladies, They Have Drained me – Kilimani Man Cries

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We are living in a time where a lot of men want to date exclusively, but there is an increasing number of others who have no problems being with multiple women and playing second.

Sometimes, lust gets a hold of you and drives you to do things you ordinarily wouldn’t.

You know that a certain course of action or behaviour is bad but due to a lack of discipline, you fall for the pressure.

Here is a confession of a man who has been drained by his lustful ways and wishes to recover because he is feeling drained. Check out his confession below:

I feel like sharing about my life and see if there’s anyone out there who’s in a similar situation. I’m living a horrible life of lust, sexual addiction and alcohol.

Well, to begin with, I’m 28yrs old and I stay in this city. I’m not yet married but I’m currently dating. I’m living a hopeless and horrible life but in silence, not even my friends can detect.

I’m addicted to sex and alcohol, and those are the things occupying all my mind, time and space. What has really made me open up is that these two things are draining all the little money I make. The nature of my work also leaves me with too much free time since I’m self-employed.

I have too much free time on me, and this time is wasted on alcohol and sex. If I’m not somewhere drinking, I’m having sex in my house or in a rented apartment in kilimani.

I feel bad coz I don’t see myself improving my life in any way..I’m spending all my money there. I generally earn anything from 120k to 150k every month, but the sad thing is that two weeks after getting this money, it’s finished on women and alcoholism, leaving me empty and I end up borrowing from one of my friend who is in a similar state.

Problem is that I and my friend who lends me money we can’t get enough of women. I’ve generally banged more than 104 chics in this city. I pick them up from Facebook, in campuses, bars, tinder and wherever I can get them.

My problem is that whenever I see I, cute lady, I just hunt her down till I jump into her pants. Most of them love money and so that is how easy I get them.

This week alone I’m expecting to bang three more ladies in a row but unfortunately, my younger brother is around so I’ve postponed to next week. The problem I’m seriously dating two ladies and none of them knows of my philandering ways.

The kind of orgies and lust I have is making me bitter coz all my money is wasted. On 10th of this month, I as usual earned 124k from my works, but as I write this today 14th January, my KCB account only has 20k..the rest of the money gone with alcoholism and sex.

The friend I have is also into this, we are either drinking or banging chics in Kilimani. We need a way out. Can someone who’s in a similar situation or someone who has come out of this horrible life share their experiences to help this dying soul?

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