Why Al-shabaab Destroy Communication Masts During Attacks

Somalia based terror group Alshabaab is a dreaded topic of conversation amongst Kenyans, since the mention of the militants almost always means people have lost their lives.

This was the case Monday, when it emerged that the terrorists had staged yet another attack, the fourth in less than two weeks, this time around, targeting teachers in Garissa County.

Three people lost their lives in the attack, bringing the total number of people killed by the dreaded group in 2020 to 12.

Often, when carrying out their barbaric acts of bloodshed, the terrorists also destroy communication masts especially in remote areas.

This was also witnessed during the Monday morning attack, as well as during the Jan. 7 attack which left six people, including children, dead.

The major aim of the militants bringing down telecommunication facilities during their attacks is to disrupt communication among security forces.

A Safaricom mast destroyed by Alshabaab in Lafey, on 20th August 2019

This then delays response to emergency situations, giving the terrorists additional time to inflict as many casualties as possible.

In a country that is at its ICT prime, destruction of the said infrastructure also delays the circulation of information on attacks to the masses.

Social media has emerged as the major form of information distribution in Kenya and the Alshabaab militants have no desire of news of their attacks going viral before their aim is achieved, since this would mean prompt response by police.

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