KOT Unleash Wrath on Sensational ‘Gengetone’ Artists


The realization of playing 80% of Kenyan music is slowly coming to reality all thanks to the sensational Gengetone genre.

Gengetone has so far become Kenya’s second national anthem with both youngsters and old folks dancing to the newly found Kenyan sound.

Although it’s currently the biggest tune, the sensational song has divided Kenyans online, those in support of it say, the song has promoted employment while those against it say the music is promoting immorality.

One online user, who happens to be  Gengetone fan, said that Gengetone saved us from colonization ya Nigerian songs, they simply revived our Kenyanhood……sio kuimba Joro na huelewi any!  while Ras weekly added that, Don’t criticize other people’s hustle when you can’t provide alternative employment yourself. Gengetone may not be your cup of tea but it has employed folks and the way our country is right now, it is one of the best things to come out in a while

Ayieko, who is in support of  said, Gengetone has changed unemployed ghetto youths to employed youths, infact gengetone is more promising than bision 2030.

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Kenny Aluta, who is against it said that, Gengetone needs to evolve if it is to last. Currently, all gengetone songs are about sex, ass, and weed, while another one said, Gengetone artists should use their music to depict evils in the society but they’re so myopic & they’re just a bunch nincompoops who think every music should rhyme with sexual content for them to thrive! ..Think, Mobilize your content, Focus Zombies!😐#Gengetone

Papa Jimes , who accuses the artists of using vulgar language said,#Gengetone is sexual connotations in a music , They use Sheng language to hide the string of strong vulgarity in the songs. I rarely listen to them on my phone 📲 but if I get them elsewhere,Sina budi but sit my ass up and listen to the music .

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