Headteachers Wants School Closed After Teacher Was Burnt to Death

The Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association chairman, Kahi Indimuli on Saturday called on the Ministry of Education to close down Ndooni Primary School where a teacher was killed.

He condemned the incident which happened in Kitui county and other cases in Kisii and Kakamega counties and urged for parents not to take law unto their own hands saying the school performance is not solely dependent on the teachers.

The Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association chairman, Kahi Indimuli(centred)

“I want to call upon the Ministry of education to even go further and dissolve this school …because already the school is stigmatized as a school where parents go ahead and kill the teacher,” Indimuli said.


This comes after the incident prompted the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to withdraw teachers from the Ndooni Primary School due to safety concerns.

However, new details reveal that preliminary investigations by the police into the murder of the primary school teacher in Kitui have established that the killing had nothing to do with poor exam results as earlier claimed.

The victim according to the police was being sought by police over torture and extortion offences.

Picture of Daisy Mbaluka Mbathe, the teacher of Ndooni Primary School in Kitui East, who was burned to death on January 6, 2020.// PHOTO COURTESY

According to Mutito police boss Consaga Malasi, a report was made at Endau Police Station by a 30-year-old man last week, who alleged that he was abducted and tortured inside the teacher’s house in Makuka village on New Year’s Eve.

Mr Malasi intimated that the plaintiff, identified as Mutiso Mulwa, recorded a statement on January 2, complaining that the teacher lured him to her house where he was tortured for hours by a group of men.

The police version was collaborated by the teacher’s husband Mr Mbindi Ndolo, who said he was not surprised by the turn of events and that he had received numerous complaints of people tortured in his home.

The man said their marriage was on the rocks and at some point, he had to seek police protection from the extortion gang which was threatening him but decided to keep off from the home fearing for his safety.


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