TSC Withdraws All Teachers From School After Parents Burnt Teacher To Death

The Teachers Service Commission has taken an emergency action following the rather shocking scenario that saw a teacher reportedly getting burned as a result of poor performance allegedly.

TSC has immediately withdrawn six of their teachers working at the school after the burning to death of Daisy Mbathe, Ndooni primary school teacher in Kitui.

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Madam Daisy Mbathe

Furthermore the commission will not post any teacher to Ndooni Primary School until the security of teachers is assured.

They have condemned the unfortunate death of the teacher stating that there are better ways of resolving whatever issues which may have contributed to the killing of Madam Mbaluka.

Reports from their field officers in Mutitu indicated that a group of parents stormed the school on Monday morning on the 6th of January 2020 and closed for undisclosed reasons, after which it was later reported that Madam Mbathe Mbaluka had been burnt to death.

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Wambua Mwangangi and Chris Kyalo Muli at a Kitui court on January 9, 2020, over the burning to death of Ndooni Primary School teacher, Ms Ms Daisy Mbathe

Two have already been taken to court over the murder; Wambua Mwangangi and Chris Kyalo.

Kitui Resident Magistrate Felistus Nekesa granted an application by Mutito criminal detectives to detain the suspects at Mutitu Police Station for 21 days pending conclusion of investigations into the murder.

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Kitui KNUT Branch Executive Secretary Simon Nding’o condemned the incident which he termed as a serious threat to the entire Kitui teaching fraternity.

TSC has also vowed that it will not hesitate to take necessary measures such as petitioning for closure of institutions where the security of teachers is at risk.

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