Terence Reveals Shocking Amount He Lost In Gambling After Man Allegedly Lost 15M, Committed Suicide


Popular comedian Lawrence Macharia famously known as Terence Creative has opened up about his gambling addiction days after a Nairobi man committed suicide after allegedly losing 15 Million in a casino.

In an exclusive interview with parents Magazine, Terence revealed that he once battled addictions that cost him a lot. The comedian recalls how he lost over a million Kenyan shillings in one of his gambling sprees.

Terence mentioned that he often spent his time after work in casinos and sometimes, it would take days before he showed up at home.

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According to Terence, it was one of his major struggles and at the same time he was also an addicted smoker. The comedian would smoke a minimum of two packets of cigarettes and a maximum of three in a day.

Although he tried to fight it off, it was hard to end the habit and he would go back to his old ways even after promising his wife Milly that he had quit.

“It was really hard kicking the habits. With gambling, casinos are open 24/7 and they give you drinks and food. I had become such a return client that the staff knew me and would let me in at any time.

With smoking, it is so much easier to carry 40 cigarettes than 40 bottles. My smoking persisted a little longer,” he explained.

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His wife Milly says that she knew it was an addiction and although it might have made he think of leaving the relationship, she hoped that it would all end.

“I’d keep telling him that I hoped when we got kids, he would not be smoking or spending his time in a club when they needed him, or gambling money for their future. Even then, it was not easy to convince him,” she stated

Even though he finally beat the addiction, Terence had a great loss and this made him vow never to work with gambling companies.

Apart from Terence, other celebrities who have opened up about their battles with addiction include Oliver Mathenge and Churchill comedian  Othuol Othuol who were alcoholics.


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