Raila is Not Behind Miguna’s Woes, ODM says

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has dispelled claims making rounds amongst Kenyans that party leader Raila Odinga is behind the tribulations facing his former ally Miguna Miguna.

Miguna, who was deported from the country in 2018, has unsuccessfully tried to return home twice this year, and netizens are of the opinion that his social media rants against Raila in 2019 are the reason he will not gain access to Kenya any time soon.

In October, Miguna released a flurry of tweets claiming that Raila’s son and one of his daughters are not biologically related to the ODM politician.

Kenyans believe that Raila, who is now an ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta, is currently revisiting Miguna’s insulting posts about his family by influencing the government to frustrate Miguna’s efforts of his homecoming.

Taking to Twitter, ODM spokesperson Phillip Etale recounted how forces close to Raila spent sleepless nights trying to save Miguna from the grasp of security forces when he was held amidst his 2018 deportation drama.

He was specifically referring to ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, who Etale described as Raila’s man, and as such, his acts reflected Raila’s stand on Miguna’s deportation.

Miguna’s woes begun a few days after he administered a treasonous presidential oath to Raila who was by then a fierce political foe of the president.

During the 2017 electioneering period, the two politicians had built a strong opposition, with Miguna taking pride in establishing the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The NRM was part of Odinga’s National Super Alliance (NASA) efforts to frustrate Uhuru’s government, which they claimed stole their 2017 presidential win.

It entailed boycotting products and services from entities associated with the government and the disputed election, such as Safaricom PLC.

Miguna and Raila’s fallout was fuelled by the latter’s handshake with the head of state in a bid to heal the country and move forward under the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

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