One Costly Mistake Miguna Made While Vying For Nairobi Governor

An embattled advocate of the High Court Miguna Miguna apparently made one costly mistake while contesting for Nairobi gubernatorial seat.

The Lawyer who is a Kenyan by birth holds dual citizenship making him both a Kenyan and Canadian.

An advocate of the High Court Miguna Miguna.

According to political analyst Mark Bichachi, the lawyer committed an offence by failing to renounce his Canadian citizenship while vying for a governor’s seat.

While speaking to Citizen TV JKL show on Wednesday night, the analyst said the move by the lawyer was an affront to the Kenyan democracy.

“Did Miguna Miguna offend the Law? Yes, he did. First, he ran for governor’s seat in this country without renouncing his Canadian citizenship.

“That is illegality, in fact, it is an affront to the Kenyan democracy. If you have dual citizenship you cannot vie for a Governor’s seat, therefore, he violated the law,” said Bichachi.

According to IEBC requirement, anyone contesting for the governor’s position, among other reasons, must not hold dual citizenship and or owe allegiance to a foreign state.

A click to IEBC website directs that a gubernatorial candidate “must not hold dual citizenship unless citizenship of the other country has been obtained by operation of law without the capacity to opt-out.”

Miguna Miguna at Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday.

Miguna and his wife hold dual citizenship while their children are Canadians by birth.

However, Bichachi added that Miguna is a Kenyan citizen and ought to be allowed into the country without the push and pull that pitted his journey back to the country on Tuesday.

The analyst slammed the government for allowing itself dragged into an unnecessary confrontation with Lawyer saying he was not a threat to the well being of the nation.

Miguna had announced that he will arrive in Kenya on Tuesday but his journey was halted at Frankfurt Airport in Germany after Lufthansa Airline refused to fly him on the ground that a red alert had been imposed on him.

His woes took a new twist on the same day after he was kicked on Air France despite having announced that he had boarded a Kenyan bound plane.

The airline informed Miguna that the Kenyan authorities had informed them that the Lawyer was a persona non grata in Kenya.

The red alert imposed on the Lawyer not only blocked his entry into Kenya but also the whole of Africa.

The government through its spokesperson Silas Oguna released a statement on Wednesday indicating that Miguna has to apply for Kenyan passport in any of its embassy abroad before being granted entry into Kenya.

The statement also indicated that Miguna was ‘unruly’ passenger that is why the red alert was imposed on him.

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