Lufthansa Finally Apologizes to Miguna For Canceling His Flight

The Lufthansa Group which owns and operates the airline that cancelled controversial lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna’s first scheduled flight to Kenya has finally made a formal apology to him.

Miguna was set to land at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Tuesday January 7, 2020 after boarding Lufthansa on January 6, 2020.

On Thursday, he said that the airline cancelled his flight LH590 to Nairobi after falling for a ‘fake’ red alert that was issued by the Kenyan government.

He noted that he had accepted the apology.

“The Lufthansa Group which owns and operates @lufthansa, the airline that acquiesced to an illegal RED ALERT by Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and cancelled my flight LH590 to Nairobi on January 6, 2020, has FORMALLY APOLOGIZED to me. I accept their apology,” Miguna tweeted.


Miguna on Tuesday revealed that he was due to fly to Kenya but the government had not withdrawn a red alert that barred Lufthansa from transporting him to Kenya or any other African country.

“The Office of the President issued a RED ALERT to Lufthansa last evening threatening to deny landing rights to the airline if it carried me to Kenya or any other African country.

“It was issued AFTER the Court Orders by Justice Korir. I’m still at the TXL airport in Berlin,” he revealed.

Adding: “Lufthansa has stated that it is ready to transport me to Kenya when the READ ALERT has been formally cancelled or withdrawn by the illegitimate Government of Kenya. But as of now, despite lies peddled via social media and press statements, the RED ALERT has not been cancelled.


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