Kenyan Men Explain Why They Do Not Like Giving Oral S*x

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Oral sex is one of an act that can spice up sex life with your partner, but it requires both parties to be up for it. While some think of it as a turn on, others have nothing exciting to say about it.

Those who have tried it shared many tales that either speak about satisfaction while others express disappointment.

In order to have a tasty, mindblowing and intimate experience, a few tips come in handy and whether you are giving or receiving, communication with your partner will help you understand just how they like it.

Even with the tips made available, oral s*x is not really everyone’s cup of tea. Kenyan men have shared some of the reasons they do not like giving.

It tastes and smells bad

I love giving oral, but I’ve tasted a few so nasty I gagged and had to stop. Keep yourself clean, ladies.”

The trick here is not to eat it raw. You won’t lose gangster points for smearing some chocolate syrup or asking your partner to freshen up before going down on her.

It’s gross and messy

A number of men find it pretty disgusting for no reason at all. It might be an okay reason for your partner if they are also not intrigued by it. It is, however, a concern if this is one of your girl’s big fantasy.

It is tiring

Sex is not for the lazy. Women are blown away by men who have the energy for it and even men agree that this is one of the lame excuses.

“I like it for like the first 5 minutes. Then it’s just a lot of work and the tongue starts to get really tired.”


Even though the pleasure is tempting, it is never worth contracting an STD.

 Feeling inferior

“I have a small tongue. I don’t mind going down on my girlfriend, it’s just I know it’s not as satisfying.”

Men never want to come off as losers and will always avoid anything that paints their image that way. Oral s*x is never about the size of the tongue, the mouth and the lips are tools too.

Bad experiences from previous attempts

Experiences of inconsistency and poor hygiene have made men flee from this act.

If it is never reciprocated

Sex is about giving and receiving and can be such a turn off if the other party has nothing much to offer.

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