I’m Being Sexually Harassed by My Teacher, Too Scared to Say Anything – Student Confesses

I’m being sexually harassed by my teacher, too scared to say anything (Courtesy)

A university student has come out to confess that she thinks she is getting harassed by her lecturer (teacher/professor) but she is afraid of telling anyone. 

This is because when she opened up about how her high school teacher asked her for oral sex, no one believed her.

“I need to this off my chest because the last time something like this happened the few people I did tell didn’t believe me and it sent me into such a depression that I developed a bunch of really unhealthy coping mechanisms.

 This year we get a new professor and he’s an older guy, but him and I are both very sarcastic so we hit it off. I become one of his favourites and it’s very clear that he lets me get away with murder compared to some of the other students. The semester is in full swing and suddenly he’s making sexual jokes or telling sex stories along with calling other students really nasty things to me behind closed doors, and I’m SUPER uncomfortable, but laugh it off. He can basically make or break the rest of my time at university, so I’m just saying to myself “Maybe I’m just overreacting. Just smile and nod so you can stay on his good side.”

It’s uncomfortable, but not too bad until 2 incidents happened,” she confessed on Reddit.

Sexual harassment (Courtesy)

She revealed how the teacher would brush up against her and even made sexual jokes that made her very uncomfortable.

 One time there’s a WHOLEEEEEEE ton of space for him to walk, but he walks right past me and I feel a brush against my butt. I’m pretty sure it was his hand, and I just f*cking shut down. If it was a tight space then yeah I’d be like “Oh yeah, sh*t happens” but when I say there was so much room to walk I’m not exaggerating. The second thing that really makes me think ‘hmmm maybe there’s something up here’ is one day I approach him saying, “Hey, can I ask you a question?” (had to do with school stuff) and he replied, “You want to know if I will have your babies? Sure.” And listen, I make weird jokes too and he absolutely could have just been making a tasteless joke, but my blood went cold. I didn’t think it was funny, but I laughed it off anyway because (like I said) this guy can make or break my time here.

I’m honestly too afraid to tell anyone because I had a teacher in high school literally ask me to give him a bl*wjob over text message and none of my friends believed it/ he was one of the most loved teachers at my school so I knew if I told another adult that they’d try to sweep it under the rug. That whole experience traumatized me, so I’m sure as hell not ready to say anything about this guy especially because I really have no proof. I’m also scared because what if it’s all just in my head? Like what if I’m just so paranoid and defensive after my high school incident that it’s f*cking up my sense of judgement. This guy honestly has been super nice to me and, like I said, let me get away with murder so if I’m just overreacting and get this guy in trouble then I’d feel guilty. Not to mention, my university sweeps harassment with professors under the rug all the time, so I don’t expect them to treat this any differently.

There’s really no avoiding him so I plan on just dealing with it. Thankfully I’m not a freshman so it’s not like I have 4 years left with this dude. I just really needed to vent it all somewhere because the last thing I want are the people I go to school with shaming me or ruining this guy’s career when I’m just being paranoid,” read the rest of the confession.

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