Girl Commits Suicide After Being Forced to Repeat Class Six

A pupil has committed suicide after her parents forced her to repeat class six under unclear circumstances.

The minor who hails from Kwa Ng’ombe village, Mikindani in Jomvu Constituency took away her life after her parents insisted she had to repeat the class.

Silhouette of a suicide scene. PHOTO: Courtesy

This is against a 100 per cent transition directive by the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha on all primary and secondary school education.

On the 5th of January, CS Magoha threatened school heads and parents with jail terms should they hinder students from proceeding to the next stage of learning.

Magoha called on the school leadership to do background checks before sending needy secondary school students home for school fees.

A report of the National Assessment System for Monitoring Learner Achievement in 2018 revealed that 59.5 per cent of Standard Seven pupils repeated the class.

In Class Three, 43.8 per cent repeated the class, out of which 46.8 per cent were boys.

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