I Regret Turning my Younger Cousin into a Lesbian – City Woman Confesses

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Over the past decade, sexual engagements among family members have become usual and shocking at the same times especially if it happens in African homes.

Let’s face it, many parents are to blame for not handling sexuality and matters of sexual health the right way. Maybe the rules in most homes don’t favour parents on how to handle certain issues.

One lady was caught up in a mess when she tried to explore her sexuality and ended up doing something she gravely regretted. Find her confession below:

I’m a lady in my mid-20s. 10 years back I did something that I’m not proud of. I was 14_16 years then. Adolescence was catching up with me quite fast.

And in the middle of exploring on my sexuality, I would call my smaller cousin each time I was horny .. a girl to be precise since our homes ain’t far from each other.

I would ask her to undress and I would have sex with her. It happened a couple of times. I was not guilty though and it wasn’t in my head, to begin with.

I think childhood memories become fresh when one enters adulthood for the last two years, this memory has caught up with me. It disturbs me so much each time I see that girl. She is all grown up now and in high school. I feel so uncomfortable around her.

All these questions in my head. Does she remember? What if she does? Sometimes I cannot even look into her face. The shame is killing me.

We used to be real friends, she looked up to me and now she still looks up to me somehow. But I just fear the thought that she remembers. And I don’t know what to do about it. I have never ever told anyone. Thanks for this platform it feels better letting out.

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