5 Hygiene Mistakes Likely to be Committed by Most Ladies


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We live in an age where hygiene is really important but do you know that there are some really simple things about hygiene you don’t know?

Many Kenyan ladies, for example, assume they are observing good hygiene habits by doing certain things and this remains untrue.

This is because the intimate area needs exclusive hygiene and products that contain ingredients that do not harm it, unlike other parts of the female body.

Below are some mistakes women make most of which involve their feminine hygiene:

Do not change your sanitary towel accordingly

Regularly changing your tampons is important for maintaining proper hygiene. Not changing your sanitary napkin regularly can cause bacteria to appear in that area of ​​your body and suffer from infections.

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It is recommended to make the change every 4 or 6 hours once they get soaked. For tampons, five hours should be more than enough.

Wash or clean yourself in the wrong direction

If you usually clean and wash the vulvar area from the back (from the anus) forward, you should stop doing so. This is because doing this can cause bacteria to enter your vagina and you may suffer an infection.

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Do not use the appropriate underwear

For example, using lace, lycra, polyester, silk garments, among others, usually causes that area of ​​your body not to ventilate and suffer from inflammation.

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Having Unprotected sex while on Period

There’s no harm in having sex while o your period, sometimes it’s actually recommended but doing it raw places one at the risk of getting an STD.

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If you are not sure of your medical status it is best not to engage in unprotected sex. Other times having unprotected sex while on period increases chances of getting a yeast infection.

You don’t use the right soap

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Using scented soap to wash your private part may cause your pH to change, which can make you feel itchy and dry that area of ​​your body. It is best to use a special soap for that area.

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