Twitter Erupts as Miguna’s Entry into Kenya is Disrupted by State

With Lawyer Miguna Miguna’s much-awaited return into Kenya seems to have hit a snag after he was barred from leaving an airport in Germany, furious Kenyans have taken to their social media sites to express their frustrations.

According to reports Miguna, who was to board a plane to Jomo Kenyatta Internationa Airport from Frankfurt Airport, Germany on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, was barred after an international red alert was issued.


Confirming the reports to Hot 96 FM on Tuesday morning, Miguna stated that the German authorities had stopped him from boarding the plane because the Kenyan government had not communicated to them on the same.

Lufthansa flight manager communicated that the government of Kenya must send official communication to Lufthansa before Miguna Miguna can be allowed to fly to Kenya or any other African country.

It was, however, the decision by the Kenyan government to disrupt Miguna’s safe entry into the country, that elicited sharp reactions from some of the users, who accused the state of sabotaging Miguna’s freedom.

According to most of them, the government was not genuine in its campaigns to keep Muguna away especially at the time the country was debating on Building Bridges Initiative, BBI report.

Others argued that with Miguna (vocal revolutionist) being denied entry in his country confirms that the government was ready to force the BBI recommendations down their throats.

Their frustrations, however, seemed to have gotten the attention of the state which later, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, moved in to announced that it was set to handle the red alert baring Lawyer Miguna Miguna from travelling into the country.

Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna insisted that Miguna was welcomed into the country as per President Uhuru Kenyatta’s initial directive adding that the state department was going to ensure the success of his trip.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter ad Facebook;

Tabbie Ellen Jay Kenyan Government we are in the year 2020 we are no longer slaves. If you treat your own like this how do you expect other countries treat us especially those in foreign countries? What did God meant when he said love and forgive one another? 😭 Lawlessness country

Sam Sam And when Alice Wahome said that Uhuru Kenyatta is an existential threat to our democracy..overgrown kids have been insulting her,splashing all manner of words towards her..
People subscribed their brains to Kieleweke and Odm brand of politics that they don’t see fact in what Alice said.

Why is Miguna being barred from coming home to his place of birth!

Ole Njogu Indeed Uhuru Kenyatta is a modern day dictator and the biggest Threat to Democracy in Kenya. Alice Wahome was right after all

Oke Kabudha We, Patriots, DEMAND that the USELESS DESPOTIC Jubilee UNCONDITIONALLY facilitate the return of Dr. Miguna Miguna otherwise they can sing their EQUALLY USELESS Bridges to Nowhere songs to the birds of the air.

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