New Year 2020! Kenyans Hilariously Reveal Their New Year Resolutions

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2020 has arrived, social media is completely in the new year mood and new year challenges have taken over Twitter.

Kenyans have joined the rest of the world by sharing funny resolutions and challenges they plan to take in 2020.

While some of them are sharing what they wish to take as a challenge in their life, some are simply making hilarious memes and jokes online.

For people who are planning to make resolutions such as hitting the gym, saving money, drinking less and eating right, BUT are clearly not going to keep up with, this challenge is for you.

Some people make resolutions that really get out of hand. You know you are never going to achieve any of them.

Why not make resolutions or take challenges that are more realistic?

Well, Kenyans on Twitter are best known for making the most hilarious memes and jokes about anything no matter how the situation.

Check out the funniest New Year 2020 challenge memes and jokes that will break your ribs.


Here are some funny memes you can forward to your friends and WhatsApp groups.









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