Poisoning Patient Hangs Self in Hospital

A patient who was admitted at Murang’ a level five hospital left area residents in shock on Sunday evening after killing himself by hanging with a leso shortly after receiving treatment.

Coincidentally, the deceased was admitted to the hospital after he tried to commit suicide by drinking poison but to no avail; as he was quickly rushed to the hospital at around 6 p.m. where health officials attended to him.

Lameck Muia, according to the doctors, was allowed to have a rest in the ward after receiving treatment and medication only to find him moments later inside the bathroom where he committed the heinous act.

Muia whose details on his age are still scanty was described by the police as one who was in his old stages of life and confirmed that further investigations into the matter were ongoing to reveal details that led to his death.

He hailed from a village in  Kangema known as Muguro in Murang’ a county.

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