Kenyans Question Credibility of Nairobi Lawyer Claim of been Conned Ksh. 500,000

Kenyans online have questioned the credibility of Nairobi’s city lawyer Steve Ogolla alleged claim of been conned a whopping amount of money totalling to Ksh 500,000 by a woman he met on Facebook.

Kenyans on Twitter commonly referred to as KOT suspected they were being duped by the lawyer especially after he ostensibly made known his interests to run in Lang’ata constituency in the upcoming 2022 elections.

                                       Nairobi City Lawyer Steve Ogolla

Moments after he started trending online he posted a picture with a caption that read, “please keep Langata intact, I’m still on holiday.”

One Kenyan even question the credibility of Dorcas Sarkozy Facebook account with whom Ogolla said he had an affair with. She further alluded that the account could have been a pseudo account owned and operated by Steve Ogolla.

Opera News could not independently verify whether the account was real or not but Dorcas replied by saying that she received the Ksh. 500,000 and could not decline it.

In a Facebook confession, Ogolla alleged he even went to the extent of planning a wedding with a woman(Dorcas) he had never seen.

He claimed he sent his ‘baby love’ money to cater for their wedding expenses but noticed later he had made a terrible decision.

Publicity according to the English Dictionary refers to the condition of being the object of public attention. It further explains that; whether publicity is good or bad, it still is publicity and may win the sympathy of many.

Not long ago opinion was divided on whether the threats of assassination on the Deputy President William Ruto were real or hyperbolic stunts by the DP’s people meant to attract attention, publicity and sympathy.

The truth is yet to be known as the case is still pending in court but for a month or so when these claims were made DP Ruto’s name was in almost every person’s mouth.


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