Itumbi’s Tweet on SG Raphael Tuju Lands him in Trouble

Digital communications strategist in the office of the deputy president Dennis Itumbi, on Sunday, found himself on the receiving end after his tweet on Jubilee party Secretary General Raphael Tuju attracted the fury of twitter users.

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According to the newspaper, the SG had indicated that the Jubilee party is planning to lock out all corrupt leaders from vying for its leadership positions.

While criticizing the Sunday Nation newspaper over alleged typos in its lead story, Itumbi claimed that the newspaper had made two errors by indicating that Tuju was a Cabinet Secretary as well as stating that there will be an election SHOCKER since the party was planning to lock out all corrupt leaders from vying for any election seat in the future.

According to Itumbi, Tuju had never been a CS and by reporting that he was one, the newspaper had failed on numerous occasions.

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He also insisted that Jubilee party had overtime locked out all corrupt leaders from vying for its leadership positions and that the same was not going to be a shocker as insinuated by the paper.

“Dear Sunday Nation, TWO errors in this story. One, @RaphaelTujuis NOT a CS. That is a lie you have told so many Times. It remains a LIE! Two, there is ZERO shock, Jubilee always locks out CORRUPT leaders. Corruption must be proven via a fair Judicial CONVICTION!” posted Itumbi on Twitter.


However, his tweet got the attention of online users who thronged twitter to school Itumbi on the responsibilities of Raphael Tuju as a Cabinet Secretary without a portfolio in Uhuru’s government. Here are the comments.

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However, others came to the rescue of the embattled Itumbi stating that the strategist was justified since they never saw Tuju being sworn in as the CS.

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