I Don’t Believe True That Love Exists – City Girl Confesses

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Everyone desires to eventually find love, marry maybe, and settle down.

But the truth is it isn’t always easy to find the one soul mate you desire, and the reasons are different from individual to individual.

Some find love, and some fall for the wrong one but as difficult as it may seem to find love, love does exist to some people.

One lady wants to give love a try and but she isn’t sure whether true love exists. Read her confession below:

So am a hit and run kind of a girl, I have never been in love, neither do I believe love exists. Yes, I have had relationships with s3x and all that but not with love.

So I once liked this guy but he got married but we kept in touch, he usually helps me with cash and my rent, now he has been insisting he come to my place. That’s not the issue. The issue is that I think am in love, yes the horror.

There is this guy, we went to the same primary school, we are from the same place and guess what he currently moved to my apartment, pure coincidence, no? This guy has been driving me crazy, he is a great person to be around, he is funny asf, and that’s how I found myself in his bed.

He gives the best orgasms ever, I have never experienced such in my entire s3x life. Now he seems distant, he doesn’t chat often as before, since we are neighbours, but different floors, we see each other every day and hangout. His problem is, he never opens up and tell me how he feels.

I have told him I like him but he acts as if am joking, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, that am sure of.

So my questions are: Should I confess my feelings to him? Is this love ama am d***matized?  Should I try this one in a lifetime chance and experience love?

What about my other married guy?  If he knows where I live, he will be coming often and chances are they will run into each other.

Should I continue being the badass I was and forget love exists?

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