Man’s Head Goes Missing After Fatal Road Accident (VIDEO)

The head of a cyclist was nowhere to be seen after he was involved in a fatal accident at Kamukuywa, along Kitale-Webuye highway.

The bicycle rider died after he was hit by a Toyota Probox vehicle on December 26, at around 7 PM.

Eyewitnesses at the scene said that the vehicle hit the man carrying tomatoes, after which his body got stuck under the car.

They further witnessed his body being dragged for a distance for close to 500 Metres up to where it was found.

An accident blackspot

On Friday morning, police launched a search for the head but could not trace it.

They only managed to find the deceased’s body which was taken to the Webuye district hospital Mortuary.

Kamukuywa bridge is a black spot that has taken the lives of many passengers plying the Kitale-Webuye route.

The festive season hardly goes without a bloodshed at the dangerous spot.

In December 2017, a death toll of 19 was recorded at the Kamukuywa bridge.

14 victims were reported dead on the spot while five others died while undergoing treatment at the Webuye Hospital.

Other victims had been admitted in critical condition at the neighbouring Lugulu hospital.

In May 2018, the deadly bridge consumed seven lives after a 14 seater matatu rammed into a stalled sugar cane tractor at the black spot.

Later on that month, 15 people perished in Maliki market which is a few metres from Kamukuywa.

It was an accident of a familiar nature as it involved a 14 seater Matatu and a sugar cane tractor.

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