Video: Sonko’s Celebrations With half Naked Women Choir

Embattled governor Mike Sonko is still full of drama and surprises despite the many court charges haunting him over Nairobi county office running, that have seen him being barred from the office and official duties.

In latest controversy, Sonko has since stirred up social media by posting a video of his festive celebrations the African way at his farm. The clip includes a half naked women choir performance.

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Mike Sonko

He has sent invitations to those who wish to party with him informing them to inbox their number on his facebook page. “Couples only coz No twa twa. No bad manners here plse this is just a traditional choir performing,” cautioned Sonko

Here is a screenshot of the since deleted video;

The video definitely received mixed reactions from Kenyans;

“This video is definitely going to change the lives of Kenyan netizens”.-Sam sam.

“Boss I think they have opened a VIP nuthouse at mathare. We can go and check”.-Omar Shiekh Ali.

“Posting such things at your age????No wonder you have no access to the office”-Frank Mbuguz.

This is what it means by Utamaduni Day no hard feelings.The Kingdom of Eswatini are Celebrating.-Leornard Gathungu Mburu.

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“If this is what utamaduni day means, then I’m for suggestion we change the names of other holidays to something closer to this!”-Harry Son.

 “I don’t see anything new , the original samburu and Turkana people walk bare breast , the mswati kingdom does it too”-Muhenje B Wekesa.

“Zululand SA. Wakenya can’t and will not fumilia Twa twa utasikia ata kama ni couples. Kenyans don’t break the law but the law of twa twa they will break it all plus covenants.”-Kipruto Chemuchuk.

Others envied the governor wishing they new the region where the choir is located so as to relocate their;

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“Wao this is so awesome I am relocate that area plesea anyone with proper information”-Tijani Azeez Babatunde.

“I’m very sure I’m not the only one who have watched that video more than 2times kidogo ninge zoom lakini imenishinda”-Dawood Kim.

Another netizen claimed the video was old

“This video was posted 3years ago…plus let’s focus”-Grgyz Gee Gichuru.

On Saturday, December 21, Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko posted photos and a video of him visiting patients at the Pumwani Maternity Hospital with a cornucopia of gifts in tow.

The post was shared by many Kenyans who reported that the governor had decided to surprise the patients for Christmas.

However, confirmed that the video and photos posted by the governor were similar to those he had posted during the festive season in 2018.

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