Tharaka Nithi Residents Dip Hands in Hot Soup amidst Scramble for Free Meat (VIDEO)

Several residents of Turima in Tharaka Constituency are nursing moderate injuries sustained after a scramble for free food ensued during a Christmas party organized the area MP.

A video of the chaotic event shows dozens of citizens engaged in a push and shove affair around smoking pots in which meat from three bulls donated by MP Gitonga Murugara was being cooked.

The legislator had made the kind gesture as an appreciation to area residents for electing him during the 2017 Election.

Afraid of missing out on the free meat, residents of the area opted to engage in self-service, dipping their bare hands into the hot soup, scooping huge servings for themselves.

While some sustained burn injuries, others sustained bruises from the fight for food.

Despite his Christmas gesture, residents pointed an accusing finger at MP Murugara for offering the locals food, instead of tangible development.

As the scramble intensified, some of the cooking pots fell from the fireplace spilling their contents onto the ground. This, however, did not deter residents from collecting dirty food.

This comes just days after the government issued a cholera alert around the country.

The residents now want their MP to use money in the future to fix the pathetic roads within the constituency.

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