Photos Of The Super-Hot Guy Alleged To Be King Bae 

Photos of the super-hot guy alleged to be King Bae (Instagram)

Since Zari announced that she is getting married early this year, fans have been curious about the identity of King Bae.

A man that Zari keeps away from the limelight for the sake of her sanity. Explaining her decision to keep her man hidden, Zari disclosed that now that he is away from the limelight she is at peace as there is less pressure.

“For everyone asking about him, the less he is in public the less the pressure. I am at peace,” Zari explained.

At a separate time, she revealed that Diamond has scarred her with his cheating ways and she realized that it’s better to catch your L’s in private.

“Kingbae naona watu wanasema wanamiss Kingbae. Ile issue nimeamua kuiweka private. Nimekuwa kwenye mahusiano sio mara moja… yale mahusiano yakiisha mtu umeshamtangaza, mahusiano yanaisha alafu unafaa kuelezewa watu. Saa zengine inatokea kama siku moja ile issue ya kunicheat, mtoto kuzaliwa… vitu kama hivyo. Saa hizi ikiisha, inaishia huko huko pembeni,” Zari explained on Insta live.

While Zari may have decided to hide the face of her man, hawk-eyed fans quickly unearthed his identity thanks to a video and photo that she posted on her Insta story.

The internet sleuths pointed out that King Bae is Actor Cedric Fourie who plays the role of Lehasa Maphosa in Mzansi’s soap opera Skeem Saam. 

The clues were in the matching lamps on the table and the shirt he wore.

The matching lamps (Instagram)
The matching shirt and biceps (Instagram)

Responding to the recent discovery, Zari posted, “1st he doesn’t exist, then it’s my manager, then its all the random guys they feel like. Lol. Wondering how it will benefit them. Let them keep guessing.”

Zari’s response (Instagram)

Below are photos of Cedric Fourie:

Images: Instagram

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