Pathologist is Lying About Cause of Justice Odek’s Death- Miguna

The autopsy results on the cause of death for the late Court of appeal Judge released on Tuesday afternoon revealed that he died from a blood clot.

A postmortem conducted at the Aga Khan Hospital morgue in Kisumu by chief pathologist Johanssen Oduor linked the cause of his death to a blood clot on his right leg.

However, controversial politician Miguna Miguna has faulted the autopsy results provided by the chief government pathologist.

The politician, cum lawyer on Tuesday evening claimed that the top judge was murdered and the autopsy results were just a cover-up.

In a twitter post, Miguna alluded that the deceased’s body was mutilated, his naked body placed on his bed and sex pills planted on the scene.

Miguna who has always been a government watchdog, associated Odeks death with other extrajudicial killings in the country.

He cited the death of politicians Robert Ouko and JM Kariuki who died in February 1990 and March 1975 respectively.

Pathologists reported that Ouko broke suffered injuries as a result of a plane crash, but contradicting hear says allude his death to an extrajudicial murder by President Moi’s government.

JM Kariuki, on the other hand, is said to have suffered the same fate.

His wife Terry Wanjiku said that her husband had gone missing from their home the previous week.

The self-declared general stated that the then president Jomo Kenyatta was the one who spearheaded the murder of Kariuki.

The results Justice Otieno Odek’s autopsy came weeks after his death in a Kisumu apartment on December 16.

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