KeNHA Attracts Travellers’ Fury After Closing Section of Thika Road on Christmas Eve

Hundreds of travellers making their way upcountry to the Mt Kenya region in the last minute Christmas rush were Tuesday treated to a rude surprise after the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) closed a section of the Thika superhighway.

This was to facilitate the erection of a footbridge at Witethie area.

Photos seen by Opera News show dozens of vehicles stuck in snaking traffic, with irate commuters questioning the decision making organs at KeNHA for choosing Christmas Eve, of all days, to undertake the exercise.

This is the second day Thika Road users have languished in traffic for hours.

On Monday, a driving safety operation by police saw travellers spend the better part of the day stuck at the same spot, with drivers opting to switch off their engines and alight vehicles in frustration.

Some short-distance travellers opted to walk to their destinations.

The period leading to Christmas Day is usually the busiest in the year on Kenyan roads, as families travel to their rural homes to observe the end year festivities.

This year, some routes are reported to have doubled fares amidst a passenger influx.

Tuesday’s situation is expected to affect not only those already stuck in the traffic but also those at bus stations awaiting vehicles.

Thika Superhighway feeds into major Central Kenya routes such as Nyeri, Murang’a, Embu, Meru, and part of Eastern and North Eastern areas such as Garissa.

Here are some reactions from stranded travellers on Tuesday:



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