I Got Sodomized by a Catholic Priest Been Feeling Empty Ever Since – Man Confesses

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Many people assume that only women get exposed to sexual abuse while that’s not the whole truth.

Men too fall victim sometimes.

You see once you don’t consent to an intimate touch or physical intimacy with someone, but you are however being forced to engage in the act, then that is sexual abuse. What then happens in a case of sodomy and especially that one which involves a priest?

Below is a confession of a man who had a similar ordeal and is seeking help:

After reading confessions after confessions I finally gathered enough courage to say mine. Keep my identity a secret. I grew up in a Christian family, both my parents were strong Catholics. I have always been soo close to the parish in all the 8years in primary school, I would serve as an altar boy, walk with priests in most places they would go.

I did my KCPE, passed soo well, my parents suggested I join the seminary, at that time it was a good idea anyway. My ordeal started when I was in the minor seminary, one of the best in the country. There was this particular priest who was like my everything, he could come to visit me like twice a week for no reason at all.

When I was in form 2, the third term, the unimaginable thing happened. The priest came on the eve of closing day. We could close like on a Saturday afternoon then leave on Sunday very early in the morning. He talked to his fellow priests at the seminary and they let me go with him.

We left at around 7 pm to a particular town around his home, then headed to an apartment. That particular day was my very first time to taste the alcohol, there was plenty of wine and beer for the night.

I was shocked when suddenly we were joined by two females I had never seen. At around 10 I felt dizzy a slight headache, I excused myself and asked for a place I would sleep for the night. I don’t recall what exactly happened that night when I woke up the ladies had left, and I was in bed with the priest.

I was feeling a little pain in my butt and when I was trying to get out of bed I realised my butt was really worked on and even s****s were smeared all over my butt and legs to my chest. I was soo furious, I grabbed a table chair that was near there and hit that priest on the head while he was still sleeping.

I headed straight to where my clothes were as he struggled to prevent me from leaving the house. I was strong soo I had my way to the gate where I was prevented by the guard till the priest came. He asked me back to the house so can explain everything. I later went home and that was the end of my dreams of becoming a priest, I felt half-dead, I cursed everything, I cursed the day I was born.

Everything about me changed, from the way I used to talk to people, the way I dressed, my studies and my relationship with God. I even refused to go back to the seminary with no reason at all.

I have never told my parents and especially my mum about what happened imagining the pain I would bring to her. She is a very strong Christian and her entire life has been in the church. After one year just because of my mum, I accepted to go to the nearest school where I went just to finish high school.

8 years down the line now and I still hate everybody, I hate all men, anytime I hear love I hate myself remembering that particular priest who ruined my life used to tell me he loved me. I admit that I’m handsome, ladies fall for me but I’m not that kind of guy who can settle down. I no longer understand myself anymore.

I have never had any friends, no girlfriend, I’m just there. I feel I was cursed. I got a B, I could still go to college but my dad hates me, he says I let him down I first refused to be a priest and for attempting to refuse to complete highschool.

I can go silent for like a whole year before we talk with dad. I have tried looking for a job but things aren’t that well. I felt I should share this, maybe I could get somebody here who could guide me preferably a lady, somebody who will not judge me or add more torture to me than it’s already done.

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