Here’s How to Give Genuine Compliments This Festive Season

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Everyone likes getting compliments, especially at a time of festivities where you will be getting together with friends and family.

However, the art of effectively giving a compliment doesn’t always come naturally.

When giving compliments try to be genuine and your kindness can go a long way.

Compliments appeal more when they happen naturally as this shows you are honest. This is because the recipient knows you didn’t have the time to plan.

Now you understand the basics you need to know before giving compliments, here are compliments that would melt your loved one’s hearts this season:

Connect on many levels

The nature of a good compliment makes a person feel seen or heard. It has less to do about complimenting their appearance and more about communicating that you see them. Speak to the person’s true self, not some false self they project to fit in. Having your actual self-recognized and encouraged feels genuinely good.

Be specific

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Don’t just say ‘nice outfit’ say ‘what a gorgeous arrangement; I love how you created so much texture with one colour of outfit.’ This way, the compliment is more directed and personal.

Be Sincere

Compliments that are relevant are the most sincere.  A compliment must be genuine, delivered in a meaningful tone of voice, using a genuine smile, and seem and feel believable.

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Compliment People’s Passion

Knowing a little bit about your recipient will go a long way in making a compliment truly meaningful.

Too many people give compliments on what they feel is important, but if you want to give a sincere one, first ask the recipient why they do what they do. Their answer will tell you what they find meaningful.

Praise personal qualities

There is a high chance of getting people to feel appreciated if you praise their personal qualities, rather than acquired talents.

Instead of complimenting someone on her skill at networking, highlight their friendliness, generosity, or warmth.

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